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Digital Forensic LIMS

CLIMS - Digital Forensic Lims is a complete case management platform to provide chain of custody for Cyber Crime / Digital Forensic Laboratories.

Digital Forensic
  • GUI Interface for easy to use
  • Official case document entry and management,
  • Case details entry and management,
  • Evidence details entry and management,
  • Ability to assign several experts to an expertise,
  • Grouping expertise's according to evidence numbers and types
  • Getting statistic and list of jobs and expertise's according to
    experts and assistants,
  • Ability to link evidences to each other ( For example linking a
    mobile phone to an SD card and a Sim Card ),
  • Linking evidences directly to individuals ( Suspects, witness etc…),
  • Ability to add images of Hard Disks and any other data to a known server in the network via CLIMS, and linking these data images and folders to the case directly. Images can be downloaded  from any PC with authority.
  • Ability to send evidences to maintenance and get lists of  evidences in maintenance,
  • Ability to print several reports about evidence, handling over operations, test & analysis ,
  • Expertise Final Report  dynamically filled with information gathered from the CLIMS system .
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